Magnitude Pure Magnesium powder

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Magnitude – Pure Magnesium powder

Equine America Magnitude contains essential magnesium needed in the body for healthy nerve function. In magnesium deficient horses, behaviour’s exhibited are likely to be that of nervousness and tension, which can often have a number of detrimental effects on the overall well-being of your horse. By supplementing highly absorbable Magnitude into its daily feed, you are ensuring your horse has enough magnesium for promoting healthy nerve tissue and thus reducing nervous tension and anxiety.

Does not contravene current Jockey Club or FEI rules; it can continue to be fed whilst the horse is competing. 

908gm  Powder – 6 MONTHS SUPPLY


5 reviews for Magnitude Pure Magnesium powder

  1. Skye du Plessis

    Im not sure what I did before I discovered Magnitude… the brand (who’s name I don’t mention) wasn’t doing anything for my horses and I’d often face stressed, tense horses. Now, it’s only on the odd day that I deal with a slightly tense pony, and my young OTTB is as cool as a cucumber! Totally rate this product.

  2. Lucy

    Helped with overall everyday calm, reduces her fencewalking. Very cost effective for a great working mag.

  3. jorja

    Not sure what I did before I discovered this I luv this product so much

  4. Jessie Montgomery

    I’ve tired Lot of magnesium products and find magnitude to be the best I have ever tired. I like the fact that I only need to use 5g a day; you know it’s a top quality product when you dont have to use much! Much calmer and happier horses in my paddocks!

  5. Tina (verified owner)

    Love this product have been using it for 2 years now…keeps our horses, especially my fire breathing dragon mare very sane and chilled. Have tried other products and none even come close to Magnitude. Adore that you don’t need to feed great amounts…which makes it very easy to give fussy eaters.

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