Equine Cortaflex REGULAR HA + SILICON + MSM 500GM Powder

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Key Features
Cortaflex – The No1 Joint Supplement.
Over 2 million bottles sold!
Cortaflex is the next generation of Natural health care for joints.
Cortaflex provides the building blocks for natural joint health.
Cortaflex® HA Regular powder is designed for the nutritional support of healthy joints in horses and ponies in light to moderate work, or older horses needing a little extra mobility support!
Cortaflex HA Regular powder provides a tried and tested blend of key compounds, on a palatable alfalfa base, including collagen and protein isolates, hyaluronic acid, trace elements and amino acid building blocks to provide nutritional support for maintaining healthy cartilage and joint fluid.
Also included are MSM and silicon – both well known for their roles in maintaining joint health and comfort.
Cortaflex HA Regular is a cost -effective way to provide high quality joint support!
Available in various sizes to suit all budgets, and as a liquid.
Available in either a 500gm ( 2 month supply ) or 900gm ( 4 month supply)
Other useful products:
Cortaflex HA Super Fenn – high strength joint supplement for hard working and competition horses and ponies, providing collagen, Hyaluronic Acid and Boswellia, available in powder and liquid form.
BLS regular strength powder – a potent combination of Boswellia and Yucca to help maintain joint comfort in both competition and older horses and ponies.
BLS Super Strength Powder – XXXtreme Competition Formula with high levels of Boswellia, MSM and antioxidants for joint and muscle support in hard working horses.
Glucosamine HCI 12000. 12g Glucosamine per dose, plus other key nutrients for joint health.
Turmeric – high quality curcumin with black pepper and Linseed (flax) oil already added.


3 reviews for Equine Cortaflex REGULAR HA + SILICON + MSM 500GM Powder

  1. Skye du Plessis

    I have had great success and results from Cortaflex HA in the one year I have been using this product! I remember in the first 2 weeks of using it, I saw an incredible difference in the flexibility and attitude of my pony.

  2. Liana

    I started using cortaflex ha 3 years ago on the recommendation of my vet Sarah Taylor. My horse had bone chips removed out of his legs and had bad inflammation. Sarah said he may never be able to compete again and if he does probably only low level well this horse has grown from strength to strength and Sarah often tells her clients of her miracle horse we are currently competing level 5 dressage and looking to move up to level 6 over winter so thank you cortaflex for giving me back my horse

  3. CW

    My big boy (17hh Irish Sporthorse) was a bit stiff. With Cortaflex HA he ie hiw moving freely again

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